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Techne’s expertise is in the building of mobile apps, rapid hardware prototyping, system integrations, component sourcing and project manage technology based projects in the Asia Pacific Region. Technology can be confusing, but Techne’s expertise will guide you through every step of the journey.


The User Experience, UE/UX is the life of the product and it must be right in order for a product to succeed. Here is a brief overview on how we help our clients in designing a clear, simple to use and engaging platform.


Preplanning. We take what we have learnt from the Discovery Session(s) and outline the applicable data that will be used for the project, then we develop a User Flow.

Exploration. We will create wireframes to identify key functionalities and conduct checks and communicate with our clients to ensure that the preliminary plan is on point and relevant.

Design. We will design a mockup which will allow our clients to experience the actual User Flow. Again, client inputs and revisions are very important. We take our client’s feedback from this step, improve upon and finalise the UE/UX Design.

UE/UX Test. Our dedicated UE/UX Designers will test the User Flow under different circumstances to ensure that it is error free and the agreed platform continues to be clear and engaging to use.


Software Architecture.
Techne will from the joint Discovery\Session(s) and our understanding of our client’s specifications, needs, then we will recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective software architecture.  This may result in the use of the single-tiered Monolith or Multi-Tiered Distributed Computing running Microservices architecture.  The decision is based on the product, the audience and how much the platform needs to be scaled up and ultimately the cost constraints.

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There are numerous languages such as PHP are available today. Techne prefers the use of Java Script because it is secure in terms of Data & System Security. It is also versatile because more can be done with Java Script.  Platforms such as Uber, ebay, Pinterest, Groupon, Spotify, Square, Airbnb are all built based on Java Script.

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There are a few type of frontend apps which Techne can utilise eg. Hybrid, React Native and Native.  Techne’s choice of preference is Native frontend apps.  A Native App will utilise the native language of the mobile device and it does not rely on internet access which improves on its speed, reliability, more scalable, and easier to debug.

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Techne have extensive experience in integrating third party integrations such as Payment Gateways which include Stripe, Pin Payments etc, Google Maps APIs which include the Distance Matrix, Geo Location etc., SMS Broadcast, Uber, ASIC, and other industry-based CRMs.

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This is perhaps the most important part of your platform. Data leakage and privacy breaches could result in lawsuit and unwanted publicity not to mention potential financial losses.  Techne would recommend to our clients to always integrate viable Data and System Security.  To this end Techne is able to integrate applications such as Data Scramble, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3 Standard), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Tipple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and other precautionary measures.


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Great projects usually start from simply having a cup of coffee together. It is obligation free and it is under a mutual nondisclosure agreement.

We’ve now dealt with Gordon at Techne for a number of months. His enthusiasm and passion is one of a kind. He treats our business like his own business and always goes that extra mile. We’ve used other developers prior to Techne and it was a disappointing experience. We were on the verge of giving up when Gordon and his team took over. Under his advice, we started again and what an amazing product his team has produced. If you’re looking for a developer, look no further.
— Selda - Rideshare Tax
Initially I consulted with Techne to make an app. Soon they made me realise that the task was slightly more complicated than what other developers led me to believe because to do it properly I also need to have some hardware prototyped. Techne took care of the prototyping and the processes all the way though to manufacturing and importing. The Android based app is now integrated with the hardware, working perfectly. They were very professional in giving me the right and honest advice, Techne delivered as promised and came within budget. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking at creating a new platform for the simple reason they can offer a complete service rather than a part of what’s actually needed.
— Melvin - Alfred Tech
We were recommended to Techne by another developer because what we wanted to do was not really their thing. All we had was a rough idea at first but a couple of meetings later with Techne, we had a mockup. Couple of weeks after that we had our app uploaded on the AppStore and Google Play. To sum it up, Techne went above and beyond for us. Highly, highly recommended.
— Louie - Fangsong

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